Simple Interfaces for Complex Systems

eKeypad is a software solution that provides a platform for controlling a wide range of Security, Video Surveillance and Home Automation systems.


Every system is different, with unique needs. eKeypad can be easily adapted to fit any situation. Re-organize the stock interface or build a custom interface.


Security and privacy have never been more important. eKeypad is designed to safeguard your information. Everything is designed with security first and does no use cloud servers.


Sometimes issues occur, but finding the answers can be hard. From install guides, help articles or live support services, we are here to help you when you need it.

Help Articles

Answers to common issues and best practices

M1 Zone Bypassing Issues

M1 zones with the “Force Armable” feature enabled should be used with caution. Especially when used in conjunction with the “Bypassable” feature. An issue within the M1 firmware v5.3.10 causes several unexpected behaviors under this Read more…

M1-XEP Firmware 2.0.46

On March 8, 2021, Elk Products released a new firmware update that requires changes to how eKeypad Applications are configured. In this M1-XEP firmware update, version 2.0.46, Elk has made improvements to the encrypted connection Read more…