eKeypad Consulting Services
Our primary goal is to help you get the most value from eKeypad. To do this we offer a collection of optional services. We have selected these services to address the more complex challenges you may encounter. Often these challenges are external but but directly impact eKeypad reliability. These services can help you when time is limited, specialized skills are needed or integration issues can not be resolved.

Background Creation

We have partnered with graphic design professionals to help you convert floor plans for use in the blueprint module (custom screen layouts). We will take raw floor plans ranging from line drawings to builder brochures to construction drawings and convert them into attractive backgrounds. Below is an actual sample of before and after images.

Source Image

Sample Source Blueprint Image

Resulting Image

Actual Blueprint Creation Result

All background creation services are quoted as a fixed price projects to help you set an exact budget. Our turnaround time is typically 1-2 weeks but is highly dependent on the size and complexity of the job. We will confirmed a duration with each quote. The deliverables received from this service consist of a set of high resolution images that can be used to will be imported into eKeypad during the setup of the blueprint screens.

Blueprint Design

For more comprehensive assistance with custom interfaces we also offer a full design service that does almost all of the work of setting up eKeypad, your equipment and a set of custom screens tailor designed to your needs. This includes:

• Consultation how to best leverage eKeypad capabilities
• Consultation on hardware setup and design
• Design a set of custom screens based on your requirements
• Creation of all necessary background images and icons
• Setup of the eKeypad application and custom screen layouts

The deliverables received from this service consists of a single eKeypad backup file and an archive of all graphics used. Simply restore the backup file in eKeypad and you are done.

All blueprint design services are quoted as fixed price projects. Turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks and will be confirmed for each quote. Contact us to get started.

Installer Branding

For companies that wish to apply their own branding across eKeypad marketing materials and applications we support several options including:

  • Co-Marketing. Adding your company to our marketing materials. Starting at $200
  • Co-Branding. Adding your company to the application interface. $250 to setup
  • White Label. Deploy your own separate and unique application. Call for a quote

See this help article for more detailed information or contact us if you have more questions.