Documentation for eKeypad applications and features

Elk M1-XEP Best Practices

A document detailing the best practices for integrating eKeypad with an Elk M1-XEP to achieve reliable, long term operation.

Push Notification Setup Guide

A document detailing the process of setting up push notification support in eKeypad Pro.

eKeypad Screen Shots

An archive containing a collection of eKeypad screen shots.

Configuration Glossary

A list of the settings you will find on the various configuration screens in eKeypad, including a short description providing the context of how the setting is used.

Application URL Schema

A document detailing the various ways external applications can launch eKeypad and control the screen initially displayed after launch.

End-user Brochure

A brochure outlining the benefits eKeypad can provide the end-user or owner of an Elk M1 panel.

Installer Brochure

A brochure providing an overview of the benefits and features eKeypad can provide professional installers of Elk M1 panels.

Supported IP Video Devices

A list of the IP video cameras, DVRs and NVRs that have been tested with the IP Video module. New devices are added and tested frequently.

Apple Watch Brochure

A brochure providing an overview of the Apple Watch support available in eKeypad Pro. Focused on integration with the Elk M1 and video surveilance.

Custom Blueprint Overview

A document detailing the functionality available when creating custom Blueprint screens for eKeypad. Also see the walkthrough videos listed on our YouTube channel here.

Elk C1M1 Setup Guide

A document detailing the setup process for integrating eKeypad with an Elk C1M1 module.

End of Life Policy

A document detailing the planned lifecycle of eKeypad applications.