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eKeypad is your number one stop shop for your alarm Solution needs. The home automation managing system is superb. The response from this app is phenomenal. I would truly recommend this app to anyone!

- iTunes Review, September 2013

Application Capabilities

We want to make your home automation system easier and more convenient to use. Our applications provide you with the power and features to make custom interfaces that address your needs.

Consolidated Control

Control any number of devices. eKeypad provides a consistent and seamless interface to control everything.

Customized For You

eKeypad adapts to your installation. Remove items you do not need, Organize the ones you do.

Easy Configuration

The setup of complex integrations can be intimidating but eKeypad is designed to make it easy. We are here if you need extra help.

Unmatched Support

Issues happen but when they do we are ready to help. Built in tools, email and phone support.

Secure By Design

When a mobile device goes missing you can be confident your home remains safe.


Priced to meet the needs of end-users and installers. Updates are always free.

  • Best app on my iPhone

    GTJill, iTunes Review

    The eKeypad app is the most useful app on my iPhone. The app is rock-solid with great support. I can't imagine having an ELK M1 panel without having this app.

  • This App Is Total Quality!

    My2Cats, iTunes Review

    Firstly, thank you to the developer (Jayson Callaway) for making this App! This App has one bad review titled "Rip off poorly coded app" Please take the time to research both the developer and the product (eKeypad). Because you will quickly discover that both the developer and his products have a very strong reputation within the security & automation community that dates back years. I have traveled to some really rough parts of our world and through a simple wifi connection eKeypad Pro has never failed to securely connect me to my home. Both the support and development of App features continues to be excellent. I highly recommend this product!!

  • Perfect!

    brentjw, iTunes Review

    Does everything you could ask it to. Can't think of anything that it doesn't do. Saved me from buying another few hundred dollar keypad for upstairs! I just use my iPhone or iPad, plus the big bonus is I can access my alarm AND isy-99 home automation remotely. Hoping to add a few cameras in the future. Be sure to follow the setup guide PDF if configuring an elk alarm system (On Jayson's website click on the app first, then top right corner under "Documentation"). Had a question for Jayson and he got back to my email within 30 minutes with the quick fix I needed! (I had to re-"Send to Control" the settings under Globals in ElkRP, my "Armed" and "Ready" status were not syncing properly, but this fixed it)! Works as advertised and worth every dollar!

  • Indispensable

    Mike, iTunes Review

    eKeypad is a must if you have an Elk M1 system. I’ve been a user for over five years and use it daily.

  • Fantastic App, and exceptional support

    Jeepjake, iTunes Review

    I recently began equipping my home with some insteon lighting/ hvac/ appliance control devices and an ISY-99i controller. I purchased this app knowing that i would later expand my system to include IP cameras and possibly an ELK security system. The app has a great deal of flexibility allowing you to set it up just how you want it. it communicates seamlessly with my ISY, and setup was nice and easy. A well constructed favorites page allows immediate access to devices you use a lot, if you have a lot of devices they can be neatly grouped into fully customizable catagories in your favorites page. Just about any device or program you have set up is no more than two or three taps away, no drilling required to reach a device.

  • Awesome app!!!

    leadingedgehome, iTunes Review

    I am a Security and Home Automation Integrator and ekeypad is the best control app for your security/automation system. I have used this app for several months and have been more than pleased. Support is awesome and prompt. Quick connection via wifi and 3G. Easy to use screens and great customization! I gave this app a complete testing with cameras, ISY99i, and Elk M1 controls. It is updated regularly and the changes have been even more helpful. I always demo it at every estimate I give and everyone is very impressed. I tested the app all the way from Russia and it was like sitting anywhere else. And how nice to be so easily connected to the systems that watch over what you care the most about! I love it and would recommend it or any version to anyone!

  • Excellent App

    rideklein, iTunes Review

    I'm using eKeypad for an Elk M1Gold automation system. I bought the Pro version because I'm still growing my home system, and I believe Pro will grow with my additions. The functionality and performance of eKeypad is great. It is reliable. The Developer supports inquiries quickly and with easy-to-understand instructions. Recommended app.

  • Just keeps getting better

    DannyleeFlorida, iTunes Review

    This app is fantastic. I've been using it since one of the very early versions. It is constantly being updated with new features. It has been very stable and reliable.

  • Tech

    Tech, iTunes Review

    I have over 40 locations that I use eKeypad to monitor and control M1 and IP cams. It always works great and support is top notch. I have been using eKeypad for 4 years or better. It just keeps getting better. Thank You Jayson

  • Great App

    Zapperguy1, iTunes Review

    I recommend this app to all my clients. The app works great with all the Elk products we use. The developer is very responsive to requests for assistance. The app is worth every penny. Thanks for a great product made and supported in the USA.


eKeypad Pro

eKeypad Pro is the premier application in the eKeypad family. It has the most robust set of supported equipment and includes the Blueprint module for custom screens as part of the base install. There are no upgrade modules, eK Pro already includes everything.

It includes all of the capabilities necessary to support both simple installs, support systems that grow over time and manage complex solutions that consist of equipment from multiple manufacturers. eKeypad Pro has support for the following:

• Elk M1 Gold Alarm and Automation Panels
• Elk EZ8 Alarm and Automation Panels
• Ness M1 Alarm and Automation Panels
• Universal Devices ISY-99 INSTEON and Z-Wave Controllers
• Universal Devices ISY-994i INSTEON and Z-Wave Controllers
• PCS PIM-IP UPB Lighting Controllers
• Philips Hue LED Lighting
• Russound C-Series Whole House Audio Systems
• IP Video Cameras, Encoders, DVRs and NVRs.*
• Brultech ECM-1240 Energy Monitors
• Bitwise BC4 IR Emitters
• Bitwise BC1 IR Emitters
• Ness Genie IR Emitters
• SnapAV WattBox IP Controllable Power Strips
• Digital Loggers IP Controllable Power Strips
• More Devices are in Development all of the time…

An unlimited number of these devices can be configured in a single instance of eKeypad Pro. The GUI will automatically adapt to accomodate the configured systems both individually and simultaneously using optional consolidated modes.

Download the App

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