M1 Zone Bypassing Issues

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M1 zones with the “Force Armable” feature enabled should be used with caution. Especially when used in conjunction with the “Bypassable” feature.

RP2 – Zone Details screen

An issue within the M1 firmware v5.3.10 causes several unexpected behaviors under this situation including the following:

  • Canceling an arming action before the exit timer has finished may leave force armable zones in an indeterminate state. In this situation, force armable zones will not show as physically bypassed in the alarm panel, but will be reported to eKeypad as bypassed. In this situation the zones can not be unbypassed from eKeypad.
  • Bypassing a force armable zone, may result in additional force armable zones to also be bypassed. In this situation the additional zones can not be unbypassed from eKeypad.

The only way to reset this conditions is to arm the M1 panel from a physical keypad, allowing the exit timer to expire, then disarming the panel from a physical keypad.

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