Add Items to Blueprints

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To add items to the blueprint screen:

  1. Start by selecting the capability list containing the item you want to add.
  2. Scroll through the list and touch on the specific item to display the details screen.
  3. At the bottom of the details screen you will find a section for blueprints.

This section will contain a number of buttons that allow you to add/remove various control types on the blueprint screen. Each item type has a unique set of controls related to the way the item works.

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The blueprint section can be hidden for several reasons. First, this section can only appear on an iPad if the blueprint module has been enabled. Secondly, an eKeypad configuration setting called, “Edit Interface”, can also hide this section. The “Edit Interface” setting is located on the “Installer Menu” screen which can be accessed from the main configuration screen in eKeypad.


Once an item has been added you can access the blueprint screen by rotating the iPad to a horizontal orientation. Turning the iPad back to portrait will return you back to the legacy eKeypad interface.

Further customizations can also be accessed while the blueprint screen is visible. Press and hold your finger on an unoccupied portion of the screen for four seconds. You will see the screen morph into editing mode.