Basic Remote Access Setup

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Below is an overview of the basic network related configuration settings for setting up remote access to equipment.

Important Note

Additional setup steps, specific to the equipment type being setup, are required for a complete setup. This help article only details the settings related to the network

  1. In the “Network Address” field, enter the STATIC IP address you assigned to the equipment.
    • It is important to use a true static IP address in the equipment. Using a DHCP reservations in the router has proven to be unreliable in some situations.
  2. In the “Port Number” field, enter the proper port number from the equipment setup interface
  3. Turn the “Use Failover” switch to ON.
  4. Tap on the “Custom Subnets” row to check for unusual network configurations.
    • Compare the data under the “Generated From Config” section and “Device Configuration” section.
    • If these sections display the SAME data, this screen requires no changes.
    • If these sections display DIFFERENT data, then tap the “Add to Manual Subnets” button found.
    • When finished on this screen tap the Back arrow to return to the previous screen.
  5. In the “External Address” field, enter the external IP address of your router.
    • By default routers will be assigned a DHCP address. This address WILL change. Using this is address is not recommended or reliable. There are several options to resolve this issue detailed here.
  6. In the “External Port” field, enter the port number forward through your router.  
    • It is not recommended to use port mapping in the router. If you have a specific need to change the port number, we recommend changing the port number in the equipment setup interface.