Automated Connection Troubleshooting

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This automated testing functionality is designed to help diagnose existing eKeypad installs that are encountered an issue. For issues encountered when initially setting up eKeypad it is better to use the manual testing process detailed here.

All configured device drivers in eKeypad have a “Troubleshoot Issue” link on their device Overview screen. To locate this test on your device:

  1. Launch eKeypad and open the main Config screen.
  2. Select the appropriate device category from the “Device Management” section.
  3. Select an item from the list of configured device drivers. This will open the Overview screen for that device driver.
  4. Select the “Troubleshoot Issue” link is on this screen to access the Automated testing screen.

Important notes on how to run the automated testing process:

  • It is important to run this test from the local network where the equipment is located.
  • Running from a Cellular connection will greatly limit the tests that can be performed.
  • Running from a remote network will give invalid and often incorrect results.

Press the “Start The Test” button to start the automated test. Progress will be displayed during the test.

When the completed, a high level summary of the test results will be visible on the screen. Please note that warnings and errors you may see do not always indicate a problem. Issues identified by this test must be interpreted by our support staff or your installer.

A link labeled, “Email Results” allows you to send the full test results detail plus a configuration overview to our support team or your installer. When asked, please include a brief description of the issue you are experiencing. The more complete this description is the quicker we can assist you.

All information sent as part of this test is available for your review before it is sent. It does not contain any personal information or login details for your equipment. The information send to us by this function is covered by our Privacy Policy.

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