Managing Customer Accounts

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As an installer one of the first challenges you will run into is how to manage multiple customer accounts using eKeypad Pro.

There are multiple approaches you can use.

  • Install all accounts on installer device. Setup all accounts and use profiles to separate them.
  • Backup individual customer devices. Individually backup every device you setup for the customer.
  • Cycle backup files on installer device. Split customer accounts into separate backup files.

Each of these methods has both advantages and disadvantages. The differences are detailed below so you can choose the approach or combination of approaches that works best for your needs.

Our recommendation is to cycle backup files on the installer device. In our experience, it overall has more advantages and minimizes future support and maintenance efforts.

Install All Accounts On Installer Device

There is technically no limit to how many accounts you can add to eKeypad Pro. Using the Profile Manager functionality (found at the top of the main Configuration screen) will allow you to separate these accounts and easily switch between them.

When you add a new device to eKeypad Pro, one of the options will be to select a profile for the new device. This selector also provides a shortcut to create a new profile if this device is for a new customer account.

Note: When creating a profile there is an option for a Location. In this scenario you will not need to use this functionality. The Location function of profiles is used to fix connection issues that can cause occur when a customer has equipment at multiple locations.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Profiles
  • The screen may look different that your the customers device. Using profiles with multiple systems enables extra functionality and screens. It is not always easy to know what the custom is and is not seeing.
  • Customers upgrading or replacing their device can loose their configuration unless they successfully use the Apple upgrade process. This will require it to be manually setup again. Backups of your device will include configuration data for all of your custom accounts.
  • This is the method provides the quickest way to switch between accounts.
  • This method allows you to see multiple accounts at one time on the same screen.

Backup Individual Customer Devices

The copy of eKeypad Pro on your customers device also has full configuration backup functionality. When you are done setting up their device, a backup file can be created.

  1. Open eKeypad Pro and navigate to the Config -> “Backup Files” screen.
  2. Press the “Create New Backup File” button.
  3. Update the name to something meaningful and create the backup.
  4. Tap on the “Locally on this Device” link.
  5. Find the backup file and tap on it.
  6. Select the “Move to iCloud” option.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Customer Device Backups
  • Easiest system to manage. Backups are stored on the customers device and/or iCloud storage.
  • Riskiest method. Storing backup files on the customers device makes it challenging to ensure they are available when needed in the future.
  • You have the option to manage the configuration of your device in any way you prefer.

Cycle Backup Files On Installer Device

This is very similar to creating backup files on individual customer devices but it is performed an managed on your installer copy of eKeypad Pro.

Following is a walk through of how you would do this when you have a new account you are setting up on eKeypad. First, we need to prepare eKeypad for the new account.

  1. Open eKeypad Pro and navigate to the Config -> “Backup Files” screen.
  2. Save the current configuration. There are three paths at this point.
    • If you already have an updated backup for this account you can skip to the next step.
    • If you do not have a previous backup for this account press the “Create New Backup File” button to save a backup on the physical device. The default names for backup files only consist of the date. Be sure to update the backup name to uniquely identify the account.
    • If your backup for this account is outdated it can be update.
      • Tap on the “Locally on this Device” link.
      • Find the previous backup file and tap on it.
      • Use the “Update Backup Data” option.
  3. Reset eKeypad back to installation defaults.
    • From the main Backup Files screen, select “Advanced Config Management.”
    • Tap the “Reset Configuration” button. This will remove all settings but leave the backup files.
  4. Restart eKeypad when requested and you can now create a new configuration for the new account.

If you later need to revisit or support an account, simply go into the Backup Files screen and restore the backup file. There is no need to reset eKeypad if you are simply restoring a backup file; just restore and relaunch.

Benefits and Disadvantages of using Backup Files
  • You to see the exact same screen layout as your customer. This makes it much easier to walk them through navigating eKeypad remotely.
  • Customers upgrading or replacing their devices and loosing the configuration data are much easier to setup and validation again.
  • It takes extra actions to switch to a different customer account.
  • It can not display the status of multiple accounts on the same screen.