Creating a Clean Install

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If it becomes necessary to reload a clean copy of eKeypad this article details the recommended steps.

1. Archive Backup Files

The first step is to ensure that any backup files located in eKeypad have been archived. The easiest method is to email the backup files to yourself. Alternatively you an use iTunes File Sharing or Network Sharing.

  • Launch eKeypad
  • Navigate to the Config -> ‘Backup Files’ screen.
  • Touch on the backup file and select “Send as Email Attachment”.
  • Fill in the appropriate email address and press send.

You should now have a new email with the subject “eKeypad Backup” which contains a file attachment. Your backup file is this attachment. It is encrypted for your privacy and security

2. Delete eKeypad

The second step is to remove the current eKeypad application. This will remove the application all configuration settings and all backup files from the mobile device. Please ensure you have archived backup files and copied any configuration data you need before proceeding.

  • Exit to the iOS Home Screen.
  • Touch the eKeypad icon lightly and hold it down.
    • After a few seconds all icons will start to giggle.
    • If a “Share” menu appears pressed lighter on the screen.
  • Use the “X” in the top left of the eKeypad icon to delete it.

3. Re-install eKeypad

The third step is to re-install eKeypad from the App Store. This process may require logging into the Apple ID account used to manage the device.

  • Open the App Store application
  • Touch on your Apple ID icon. This is the round image toward the upper right corner of the screen. This will display the account management screen.
  • Touch on the “Purchased” link.
    • If you are using Family Sharing, you will need to select the family member that initially purchased eKeypad.
  • Enter “eKeypad” in the search field.
  • Touch the cloud icon beside eKeypad to download it.

4. Restore Configuration Data

The fourth and last step is to restore your configuration data. There are several ways to do this in eKeypad.

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