Customizing the Favorites Screen

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Once you have at least one item added to the favorites screen (Show Me) an extensive set of customizations can be applied.

Editing mode can be accessed by pressing the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the favorites screen or window.

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The edit button can be hidden if a specific eKeypad configuration setting is enabled. If you have items added to the favorites screen but do not see the edit button then check the “Edit Interface” settings. It is located on the “Installer Menu” screen which can be accessed from the main configuration screen in eKeypad.


When in editing mode you can apply the following changes to the favorites screen.

– Re-arrange items within a section
– Move items between sections
– Delete items
– Create new sections
– Rename sections
– Re-order sections
– Mark sections as collapsed by default
There are two special actions that you can use when editing a favorites screen. Renaming a section to nothing (no text) will compress the space this section uses. It almost recovers an entire row of space. When using the favorites section touching on the section header string will collapse/expand the section. The default state of sections can be defined in editing mode.

When finished with the customizations press the done button (it replaces the edit button while editing) to save the changes and return to usage mode.