Import Backup from iTunes

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This article details the steps required to import and restore a backup file from a computer using the file sharing function in iTunes.

On the Computer

  • Open the iTunes application on the computer and connect the device using the appropriate USB cable.
  • In iTunes, open the device and find the “File Sharing” section along the sections on the left side.
  • Under file sharing, find the eKeypad application and select it.
  • On this screen, backup files can be dragged from the computer and dropped on the device to import them.
    • Important Note: Backup files have the extension, “.ekarchive”. No other files should be altered or removed on the device. Doing so will adversely affect the operation of eKeypad.

On the Device

  • Open eKeypad and navigate to the Config -> Backup Files screen.
  • Tap the backup file and select the Restore option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restore.
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