Is Branding Possible?

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Yes. We offer branding services for both Installers and Sales Representatives. Contact us to get started.

Sales Reps should contact us for additional co-marketing options.

The iOS App Store hosts the retail version of eKeypad Pro. It is a flexible and dependable solution for mobile access and custom touch screens. Using eKeypad Pro allows you to increase the value of your installs while spending less time and money.

For companies with an established a brand it is important to extend this advantage across all of their efforts. This often includes both the marketing materials and the mobile application supplied by eKeypad. For more information on the benefits possible from branding see our post here.

We support three options to support installers in expand their brand.

Add your company to our marketing
Add your company to the application
White Label
Custom applications for your company


We have a collection of marketing documents and brochures. These documents speak to the end-user and describe the value eKeypad Pro provides to them. We can provide this marketing material as pre-printed brochures. Installers also have access to these materials as a free download from our web site.

We can co-brand these documents with your company name and contact details. These changes add your company logo beside ours and replaces our contact details with yours. The main content and images will remain unchanged.

For more personalized collateral, we can also create custom version of the documents focusing on the features and aspects of your choosing.

You will be provided a PDF file of your customized brochure and optionally pre-printed brochures can be mailed to you.

The costs for the installer co-marketing options include:

PDF Setup
One time design and setup
Print & Ship
Cost per 250. Price may vary.
Custom Design
Custom Documents


This option adds your company information to the application. References to eKeypad will still be visible in some places but your company will be listed in the most prominent places.

We will work with you to collect your company information and logo and create the graphic elements to be used in eKeypad Pro. This information will be activated by you during setup of the application and prominently displayed each time your customers launches the application.

White Labeled Application

White labeling allows you to sell eKeypad Pro capabilities as your own while maintaining our development and support services. The result is a completely separate application, based on eKeypad Pro, but with only your brand. This option also gives you the opportunity to make changes to the interface and functionality to better match your specific goals and needs.

Creating an installer white labeled application is a negotiated effort. You can expect the following:

  • Collaboration on requirements and design
  • eKeypad library licensing agreement
  • Fixed price development and approval
  • Recurring support and maintenance contract