M1-XEP Optimization

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The M1-XEP module for the Elk M1 Alarm system is a solid and reliable component, but the default configuration exposes it to environmental issues that can cause issues.

To maximize the reliability of the XEP module for unattended installations, several additional actions are highly recommended.

XEP Power

The XEP ships with a power adapter. Using this adapter exposes the module to fluctuations on the line power. These fluctuations can cause occasionally cause abnormal behavior and have been known to lock up the module. These issues, while rare, can be easily mitigated by isolating the module from the power line.

Isolating the module can be accomplished in two ways. The first option is to use a line conditioning UPS. The second option is to use the M1 alarm panel battery.

For the UPS option, it is important to use either an “Online” or “Line Interactive” type. These UPS types will protect the XEP from both power surges and power brownouts. It will also ensure the XEP remains operational during power outages.

For the M1 battery option, the AUX terminals on the main M1 alarm panel can be used to power the XEP module. When using this option, it is important to verify the battery size matches the total draw of the panel plus the XEP module. Elk can provide updated information on the power draw of the XEP module.

Automatic Reboot

The XEP module is a reliable component, but a routine restart of the XEP module can be used to maximize its performance and preemptively avoid issue. Typically once per month is more than sufficient. To achieve this there are two steps: physical wiring of the XEP power cable and creation of a special M1 rule.

The XEP runs off of 12v DC power which is supplied over 2 conductors. One of these conductors should be passed through the normal closed terminal of a relay output on the M1 panel. There are available relays on the right side of the main alarm panel.

The second step is to create an M1 rule that will open the relay for 3 seconds once per month.

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