Making eKeypad Quiet

Published by eKeypad on

Several of the interface elements in eKeypad provide feedback by playing subtle sounds. A good example of this is the numeric keypads used for logins and alarm system control.

Additionally, it is possible to setup alerts ( see the details screen for individual elements) that play sounds when specific state changes have occurred.

In situations where eKeypad needs to be run silently (meetings, libraries, waiting rooms, etc.) or if you simply prefer eKeypad to be silent at all times there is a setting that will allow you to accomplish this.

While most settings are located on the configuration screen, some need to be located outside of the eKeypad application. The global mute is one of these settings.

If you open the Settings application on your device (it is gray with and image of three gears) and scroll toward the bottom you will fin and entry for eKeypad. Touching this entry will open a special eKeypad settings screen with several items. One of these items is labeled, “Mute All Audio”.

The mute setting will make eKeypad completely silent. No sounds of any kind will be played, including alerts. Vibrations will also be suppressed.

The mute setting will remain active until you manually turn it off.