How Do I Manage Alerts?

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Alerts in eKeypad can be used to create realtime sound effects, display popup messages, play voice announcements and send push notifications in response to status changes it observes.

The creation and management of Alerts can be performed in two locations within eKeypad.

Individual Item Level

The individual item level is the main location where Alerts are managed. It is accessed from the detail screen for an item.

  • Open a capability list using the side menu or tab bar
  • Tap on an item to open its detail screen
  • Scroll down and find the section named Customizations
  • If the section is collapsed, tap on the triangle or title to expand it
  • Tap on the “Alert Manager” link.

From this screen you have the ability to fully manage Alerts including: adding, editing and deleting.

Device Driver Level

If managing a large number of Alerts, a higher level view of the configured Alerts is helpful. This higher level view is available for each device driver configured in eKeypad.

  • Open the Config -> ‘Automation Systems’ screen
  • Touch a device driver to open its Overview screen
  • Scroll down and touch on the “Alert Management” link

This screen will show all Alerts for all items managed by this device driver.

From this screen you can currently only view Alert details and delete them.

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