Password protect eKeypad

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Mobile devices can easily be lost or stolen. To help protect your system from unauthorized access eKeypad has several security features that can help.

One of these is a feature that will require a passcode to be entered every time eKeypad is launched or your go back to eKeypad (i.e. After answering a phone call).

You have the choice of configuring either a numeric code or a pattern drawn on a grid of dots. Numeric pass codes have a minimum length of 4 digits but have no maximum length. Pattern codes must pass through at least 4 dots and have a limit of 9 dots.

Once setup, the login pass code can not be recovered. The only way to resolve a lost code is to completely wipe the eKeypad configuration. This can be performed directly on the login screen. To help prevent unnecessary issues, you can provide an optional hint for the pass code.

To configure a startup pass code:

  1. Open eKeypad and navigate to the configuration screens
  2. On the main configuration screen you will find a row labeled, “Login at Startup” in the client settings section.
  3. Turning this toggle to ON will automatically display the pass code setup wizard.
  4. Turning this toggle to OFF will disable any pass codes that are setup