Reloading eKeypad

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While not commonly necessary, it may be necessary on occasion to reload eKeypad onto a mobile device. The following procedure will list the proper steps to accomplish a full reload of eKeypad.

  1. If eKeypad is still loaded on the device and you wish to retain your configuration. This will require that email is setup on the device. If email is not available you can alternatively share the eKeypad backup with another device running eKeypad.
    • Open eKeypad and open the main configuration screen.
    • Select the “Configuration Backups” link.
    • Press the “Create New Backup File” button.
    • Select the newly created backup file and choose the “Email Backup File” action. Please note that this option will not appear if email is not setup on the device.
    • Fill in the target email address and press the “Send” button.
    • Verify that you have received the email before continuing.
  2. Exit eKeypad and while on the iPhone/iPad home screen press and hold your finger on the eKeypad icon. After  after several seconds all of the icons on the screen will start to giggle. This indicates that you are in the home screen editing mode.
  3. Press the “X” on the eKeypad icon and confirm that you want to delete the application.
  4. Press the iPhone/iPad home button (the button on the front of the device with a square on it) to cancel the home screen editing mode. The icons will stop giggling.
  5. Open the “App Store” application on your iPhone/iPad and re-downlaod eKeypad.
    • On the iPhone open the “Updates” tab along the bottom of the screen. After a few seconds you will see a link to “Purchased” at the top. Select this link.
    • On the iPad open the “Purchases” tab along the bottom of the screen.
    • You will find eKeypad on this screen along with a link that will download the application to your device.
  6. Once the download is finished, re-open your email and find the configuration backup email from step #1.
  7. Touch on the configuration backup attachment icon. If it has a shadow of a down arrow on it the attachment will now download to your iPhone. Touch it again after the download is complete. Touching the attachment will open a window allowing you to, “Open in eKeypad”. Use this option.
  8. Your email will close and eKeypad will automatically open. You will get a message about the backup being imported. Dismiss this and all other popup messages.
  9. Go back to the configuration backup screen, select the backup and choose to “Restore File”. Select the option to “Close Now” when the backup has been loaded.
  10. If you have previously purchased any of the modules within eKeypad, you will need to also re-download the original purchase receipt from Apple. The following steps will demonstrate how to do this.
    • Open eKeypad and navigate to the “Modules” screen. It is located in one of two locations. On the iPad the “Modules” screen is located at the bottom of the configuration screen. On the iPhone the modules screen will be at the bottom of the “More” tab for most eKeypad application. It is at the bottom of the configuration screen in eKeypad Alarm.
    • On the modules screen each module will tell you its current state. If it says “Built In” then the module is part of the application and is always enabled. If it says “Installed” then the module has been previously purchased and is currently enabled. If it says “Licensed” then the module is enabled. If it has a price beside it, then eKeypad does not have the module enabled. If you have previously purchased this module you can touch the price button and Apple will re-send the receipt so eKeypad can re-enable the module. It is NOT possible to be charged twice for the same module.
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