Re-sync Device Configuration

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When a new Automation System device is configured in eKeypad a full synchronization is performed to cache the configuration settings of the device.

In some scenarios it is possible for this cache to be incomplete or get out of sync with the device. This can cause eKeypad to show an incomplete list of items. In extreme cases it can affect the ability of eKeypad to control the device.

The procedure listed below will force eKeypad to perform a synchronization with the device.

  1. Connect to the local Wifi network where the device is located. This is not required, but it will allow the re-sync process to complete much faster.
  2. Open eKeypad and navigate to the main configuration screen.
  3. In the device management section what you see will be dependent on the eKeypad application you are using.
    • If using the legacy eKeypad Alarm or eKeypad M1 application, touch on your Device Driver.
    • If using any other eKeypad application, touch on the “Automation Systems” link then find and touch your Device Driver in the list.
  4. On the device Overview screen touch the button labeled, “Re-Sync Device Changes” and follow the on-screen guides.