Always Use Failover

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[Updated January 2020] The Failover Address and Failover Port fields were updated in eKeypad version 3.4.16 to External Address and External Port.

We recommend always setting up a failover configuration for your equipment. There are some network configurations and equipment that requires using failover but no scenarios where it can not be used.

The setup of a failover configuration in eKeypad is not complex but there are a few conventions must must be followed. The following describes the correct way to configure the relevant fields for a failover configuration.

  • Network Address – This field is the primary address eKeypad tries to use when connecting to the device. Your device should be configured with a static IP Address on the local network. This field should that static IP address.
  • Port Number – This field is specific to the equipment you are installing. Set it to the appropriate value.
  • Use Failover – This switch must be turned ON to indicate a failover configuration should be used.
  • Custom Subnets – This field is for advanced setups that use certain complex network configurations. Do not changed it unless instructed to by our support team.
  • External Address – This field is the secondary address eKeypad uses when it determines the primary address can not be reached. It should be set to the DDNS hostname assigned to your router. This field was labeled, “Failover Address”, in older versions.
  • External Port – This field should always be set to the same value used in the “Port Number” field unless instructed otherwise by our support team. This field was labeled, “Failover Port”, in older versions.

When you save a failover configuration, you will receive a popup warning about failover configurations. It is important that failover configurations are fully tested. To do this you must perform some manual testing. You need to verify everything is working under two distinct scenarios:

  • Connected to the local Wifi network
  • Connected to Cellular Data

Important Note: A failover configuration can experience a false positive in one unique scenario. A false positive will cause eKeypad to be unable to connect to your equipment. This scenario is caused when a remote Wifi network shares the same configuration as the local Wifi network. The quick workaround for this scenario is to turn OFF Wifi and use cellular data. A permanent solution requires changing the configuration of one Wifi network so the two are different.

If you run into issues or have additional questions please contact support.