View Network Connection Log

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For installs that are encountering network connection stability issues, it can be useful to view a log of network related events for the various device drivers configured in eKeypad.

This log is only available for the current execution of the application and is cleared any time eKeypad is restarted. This does not include simply exiting back to the iOS home screen or switching to another application. One of the following events must occur for eKeypad to be fully restarted.

  • The iOS device is power cycled using these instructions.
  • eKeypad is forced to close using these instructions.
  • A bug causes eKeypad to crash.

The Network Log can be viewed from the Support screen located at the bottom of the Config located in eKeypad.

The Network Log is also included in the “Email Results” function of the Automated Connection Troubleshooting test. While the purpose of this test is to diagnose issues with device drivers, the results can be generated and sent even if the test does not identify any issues.

The output of this log is intended for use of our support staff and is best interpreted with our help.