Wired Ethernet vs Wifi

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One of the most common causes of issues in installation, is the dynamic nature of Wifi connections. To increase reliability of devices such as push monitors or permanently installed devices such as wall mounted iPads in kiosk mode, a wired Ethernet connection should always be used.

There are numerous options available for this purpose, but the most important thing is to ALWAYS use an Apple MFI (Made for iPhone) certified solution. eKeypad can only provide support for installations that are using an MFI certified ethernet adapter. 

Some equipment we are familiar with includes the following. The products available may vary. The prices listed are only for reference and may change at any time.

  • Apple. Lightning to USB Adapter plus USB to Ethernet Adapter. 
    • Total Cost: $68
    • Model: A1619 and A1277
    • Notes: First party equipment. Manufactured, sold, and supported by Apple. Does not support IEEE 802.3af POE. Setup creates a tangle of wires and adapters.
  • Belkin. Ethernet + Power Adapter w/ Lightning Connector.
    • Cost: $99
    • P/N: F8J227dsWHT
    • Notes: Supports IEEE 802.3af POE. Physically small. Short, non-replaceable lightning cable on dongle.
  • Redpark. POE and AC Powered solutions.
    • Cost: $99
    • Model: L6-NETPOE or L6-NETAC
    • Notes: IEEE 802.3af POE option. Multiple, replaceable lightning cable options. Custom lightning cables sold separately. Longest lightning cable. Easiest solution to hide.

There is no special setup required to use these adapters; simply plug them in.

If eKeypad is running when the adapter is connected, it should be restarted.

When using an ethernet connection all other interfaces capable of serving as a network connection should be disabled. This includes Wifi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data functions. To properly disable these settings the changes must be performed in the iOS Settings app.

Turn Off Wi-fi in iOS 

  • Open the iOS Settings Application. 
  • Touch on the “Wifi” row.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi switch to OFF

Turn Off Bluetooth in iOS

  • Open the iOS Settings Application.
  • Touch the “Bluetooth” row.
  • Turn the Bluetooth switch to OFF.

Turn Off Cellular Data in iOS

  • Open the iOS Settings Application.
  • Touch the “Cellular” row.
  • Turn the “Cellular Data” switch to OFF.