Configuring the M1

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When integrating eKeypad with an M1 alarm and automation panel there are several M1 settings and features that need to be verified. The RP application is used for all of these items. The router for the network may need to be referenced for some information.

Globals Section
  1. Open the “G29-G42 (Special)” tab
  2. You will find a group of six check boxes labeled, “Serial Port 0 Transmit Options”.
  3. Make sure that all 6 boxes are checked
  4. Be sure and send the changes to the controller

These six settings affect how the M1 informs eKeypad of changes. If left unchecked status updates for the M1 will be extremely lagged. It may even appear keypad is not communicating with the M1 at all. Changing these settings will not affect any other aspects of the M1 operation.

User Codes

For each user code that will be used in eKeypad, verify that the “Access” feature under “User Authorizations” is unchecked. If checked, this feature will prevent eKeypad from arming the M1 alarm. This feature is rarely needed but certain methods of creating new users can result in this setting being checked by default.

This feature is very rarely needed but is often checked in older M1 installs. This feature is intended to prevent undesired behavior when using access control through Elk keypads. Specifically if a user requires the same code to both unlock doors and arm/disarm the M1 alarm. Normally when entering a user code into an unarmed M1 it will automatically arm the system. This setting prevents this behavior when using a code to simply unlock a door.

If the M1 setup requires that this feature to be enabled please contact us for a more complex configuration.

Auto Stay Mode

By default the M1 is configured to monitor all burglar perimeter zones from when the system is armed in AWAY mode until the exit timer expires. If the M1 does not see any of the perimeter zones violated during the countdown it assumes that a person is still in the premises and automatically changes the arming mode from AWAY to STAY. It does this in an attempt to prevent false alarms.
The setting that controls this behavior is area specific and will need to be adjusted for each area defined in the M1. On the left side bar in Elk-RP, expand the Areas section and touch on the area to be adjusted. On the right the Area detail settings will appear. Find the settings labeled, “Auto Stay Mode after exit time if no violation” and uncheck it.

M1 Port and Passwords

The M1 support both un-secure and secure communications ports. Both ports are supported by eKeypad but if using remote access it is highly advised to only use the secure communications port. The M1 also allows for an optional username/password to secure the secure port (The username/passwords do not apply to the un-secure port). It is highly advised to setup a dedicated username/password for use in eKeypad.

XEP IP Address

By default the M1 ships with DHCP enabled. Leaving the XEP on DHCP will cause connection problems to appear at a random time in the future. It is highly advised to change the M1-XEP to use a static IP Address. It is also important to ensure that this static IP Address can not be assigned to other network devices.

Default Gateway

When setting up a static IP Address in the XEP, it is important to ensure the “Default Gateway” field be setup correctly. If it is not setup correctly only devices on the local network will be able to communicate with the M1-XEP. No traffic that passes through a router will work.

This field should be set to the internal IP Address of the router for the network. The router will have two IP Addresses assigned to it. One is the internal address and the other is the external address. The easiest way to determine the correct address to use is to compare it to the IP Address assigned to the XEP. The correct router address to be used in the “Default Gateway” field will start with the same few numbers. For example if the XEP has the address “″ and the router addresses are “″ and “″ the correct “Default Gateway” value would be “″.