Import Backup From Email

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This article details the steps necessary to import and restore a backup file that has been archived from within eKeypad or sent from another person using email.

  • Launch the Apple Mail application on the device.
  • Find the email containing the Backup File. To help locate the backup…
    • The default subject for exported backups is “eKeypad Backup”.
    • All backup files end with the extension, “.ekarchive”.
  • Tap on the file attachment inside the email message.
  • Locate the option to open the file with eKeypad.
  • Selecting this option to automatically launch eKeypad and import the backup file.
  • Dismiss the popup message verify the file import. Note the filename listed.
  • Navigate to the Config -> Backup Files screen in eKeypad.
  • Tap the backup file and select the Restore option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restore.

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