Managing multiple systems

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eKeypad contains extensive support for configuring and interacting with multiple systems. This includes both multiple instances of the same equipment or any combination of different equipment.

  1. Switching between systems. On the iPhone the top of the screen contains a navigation bar (on almost all screens). Double tapping the middle of this bar will allow you to switch between systems. On the iPad a button is located in the middle of the bottom bar. If only 2 systems are configured eKeypad will automatically toggle between the two systems. If 3 or more systems are configured eKeypad will present a popup allowing you to choose the system.
  2. Consolidated Mode. Within eKeypad there is a favorites screen and a blueprint screen. Both are designed to help simplify access and control. By default each system will have separate favorites and blueprint items. It is also possible to place these screens into consolidated mode. In this mode all flagged items appear on a common favorite or blueprint screen. No matter which system is active this common screen will be displayed. This allows you to have a single screen with elements from multiple systems fully intermixed.

To enable the consolidated mode for either the favorites or blueprint screen (they can be enabled independently) open the main configuration screen in eKeypad and select the “Automation Systems” link. On this system list screen you will see the two toggles for common favorites and common blueprint. Note that the blueprint mode is only available on the iPad and is an optional update. You will not find any references to the blueprints screen unless you are on an iPad with the blueprint module enabled.