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On rare occasions we have found it necessary to reinstall a fresh copy of eKeypad from the App Store. Normally this process will delete all configuration data, GUI customizations and Blueprint setups. The following procedure documents the steps that will allow eKeypad to be reinstalled without loosing any data.

  • Start by disabling network communications. This step is optional but if you are experiencing issues with eKeypad this setting will allow you to launch the program and access the configuration screens required in the remaining steps.
    1. Open the iOS Settings application. It is the gray icon with the picture of gears within it.
    2. Scroll down and find the entry for eKeypad M1. Touch on this entry.
    3. Turn the “Disable Network” switch to ON.
  • Make a configuration backup of your eKeypad setup. This will backup everything except other configuration backup files.
    1. Open the configuration screen in eKeypad and scroll down to the “Configuration Backups” link. Touch on it.
    2. At the top of the screen, select the “Create New Backup File”.
    3. The fields in the popup that appear are all optional. If you enter a Passcode be sure and write it down. It is not possible to recover lost passcodes.
    4. Touch the “Create New Backup” button to finish creating the backup file.
  • Select the newly created backup file and email this backup file to an email account setup on your mobile device.
    1. It is important to verify that you have received the configuration backup email and that the attached file has been downloaded.
    2. This process requires an email account accessible from the built in mail application. Other email applications and web mail will not work.
    3. Also, the “Share Backup” feature in eKeypad can be used if email is not available. For help using shared backups please email support.
  • Completely delete eKeypad from your phone.
    1. Go to the main screen on your mobile device and find the eKeypad application icon.
    2. Press and hold your finger on the eKeypad icon. Let go when you see all of the icons on the screen start to giggle.
    3. Touch the X that has appeared on the eKeypad application icon and follow the prompts to delete it.
  • Using the “App Store” application, reload eKeypad onto your phone. You can re-download eKeypad from the Purchased screen.
    1. On iPhone and iTouch devices, the Purchased screen which is located under the Updates tab.
    2. On iPad devices, the Purchases screen has its own tab along the bottom.
  • After the eKeypad has been reinstalled, go back into your email and load the configuration backup into eKeypad.
    1. Open the mail application on your mobile device and find the configuration backup email.
    2. Touch on the configuration backup file icon and you will be given a number of options. Choose to open the file with eKeypad.
    3. This will automatically exit the mail application and launch eKeypad automatically.
    4. You will receive a message about no devices being configured and a confirmation that the backup file was imported. Acknowledge both messages.
  • Restore the configuration backup file.
    1. Open the configuration screen in eKeypad and scroll down to the “Configuration Backups” link. Touch on it.
    2. Touch on the configuration file that was just imported and select the “Restore Backup File” action.
    3. Leave the optional fields unchanged in the popup window and touch the “Restore Backup File” button.
    4. Select the option to close eKeypad immediately.
  • Restart eKeypad and perform a re-sync with your panel.
    1. Please follow the recommended re-sync procedure we have documented here on our web site:
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