INSTEON Status Not Updating

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There are a number of things that can cause issues with INSTEON communications. The first step in diagnosing this type of issue is to verify that the links connecting the PLM and device are setup completely and correctly.

  • Verify what occurs if the INSTEON device is manually queried from ISY admin console. If status updates using a manual query, but does not update automatically the issue is almost certainly related to the setup of the link records in the device and/or PLM.
  • Make sure the device links are setup correctly. From the ISY admin console, right click on the Device and select Diagnostics | Show Device Links Table. Click the Compare button on the links table window.
  • Clear out duplicate and orphaned PLM link records. Under the File menu, select the Restore Modem (PLM) command.
  • Run the ISY Event Viewer at LEVEL 3 while manually controlling the device several times. The event viewer is located under the Tools menu -> Diagnostics link. It will give you insight into  the communications details between the PLM and device.
  • Check the PLM Links table. This is located under the ISY Tools menu -> Diagnostics -> Show PLM Links Table. Select Start to populate the table. Perform this several times and note the count of link each time. Note that the count may vary between queries because if the PLM receives traffic the list will not be accurate. A count of 992 indicates the PLM is full and may not have room for all status update links needed.
  • Factory reset the device and re-add it to the ISY. Perform a Restore Device to rebuild the link database.
  • Verify if the PLM and device (in its target location) are on the same electrical phase. If they are not, review how you are coupling the power phases. Appliances such as electric hot water heaters, electric stoves and electric dryers will NOT couple reliably and they will cause intermittent communications.
  • If the device is a plugin module, moving it to the plug on the front of the PLM for a test. This change will eliminate any impact caused by interference or signal blocking that may be occurring over the power line and/or RF jumps.

If none of the steps above resolves the issue, please contact support for more detailed help.

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