No Elk M1 Areas Found

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There are several things that can prevent eKeypad from finding the Areas on an Elk M1 Alarm system.

In most cases, this is caused by configuration settings in the Elk M1 panel or an incomplete cache of the panel setup in eKeypad.

Please Note

Most of the topics described here require access to the Elk-RP programming software application. If you used a professional installer you will probably need their help.

Elk M1 Configuration

  • When Areas are created in the Elk M1 they are initially assigned a default name. This default name will look like “Area 1” or “Area 2”. Due to an limitation in the Elk API it is not possible for eKeypad to support these default names. The M1 setup must have an actual name assigned to each Area. The name can be anything that does not start with the text “Area”.
  • The Elk M1 has special logic related to Area names. Area names with spaces at the beginning of the name will cause the Area to be hidden from eKeypad. All leading spaces must be removed from Area names

If the Area names are changed, be sure and upload the changes to the Elk M1 panel. Elk-RP does not automatically upload these changes.

eKeypad Re-sync

Whether an Elk configuration change was required or not, a re-sync should be performed in eKeypad. A re-sync should always be done while connected to the local Wifi network where the Elk M1 is located.

After opening eKeypad, navigate to the Elk device driver overview screen. The location of this function is different depending on the eKeypad application you are using.

  • If you are using the legacy eKeypad Alarm or eKeypad M1 application then open the Config screen in eKeypad and touch on [Your Elk Driver] listed under the “Device management” section.
  • If you are using any other eKeypad application then open the Config screen, touch on the “Automation Systems” link then touch on [Your Elk Driver].

At this point you will be on the Device driver Overview screen where you will find a button labeled, “Re-sync Device”. Press this link and follow the on-screen prompts.

If this process does not restore your Areas, please contact us from more help diagnosing the source of the issue

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