M1-XEP Firmware 2.0.46

Published by eKeypad on

On March 8, 2021, Elk Products released a new firmware update that requires changes to how eKeypad Applications are configured.

In this M1-XEP firmware update, version 2.0.46, Elk has made improvements to the encrypted connection security. Specifically, this update has added support for the “TLS 1.2” protocol and removed the older and weaker legacy protocols.

All current eKeypad Applications, version 3.4.56 and higher, now contain corresponding improvements to support the new, enhanced connection security in the XEP. These improvements include a setting for specifying whether you are using an older or newer XEP version.

When configuring an M1-XEP module in eKeypad, you will find a new protocol setting directly under the “Port is Secure” switch on the “Configuration Details” screen. The encryption protocol setting applies only to encrypted connections and is only visible if the “Port is Secure” Switch is enabled.

The correct way to configure this protocol selector is listed below. 

  • BEFORE v2.0.46: you must use the “Legacy” option.
  • v2.0.46 or LATER: you must use the “TLS 1.2” option.

A blue highlight will indicate the currently selected encryption protocol.

If updating an existing installation, be sure the save the encryption protocol change. Then restart the eKeypad Application for the change to take effect.

If you have additional questions or issues please contact support for more help.