M1 Status Not Updating

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It is important to start diagnosing M1 status issues by distinguishing between two important but different scenarios.

  1. eKeypad never receives any status information ( displays are blank and indicators remain grey). This post does not address this scenario. Contact support for more help.
  2. eKeypad receives an initial status but it does not update or updates will an obvious delay. This post is focused on the cause of this scenario.

This is most prominent on the “My Keypad” screen where the display and ready/bypass indicators never update or update very slowly. This issue also affects the detail screens for items in the Area and Keypads list plus area item on the favorites list and blueprint screens.

If you are noticing obvious delays in status updates in eKeypad then the most likely cause is the setting of your Elk M1 alarm. There are a few settings that must be configured in the M1 when integrating with eKeypad. One of these settings will specifically cause noticable status update issues if not set correctly..

This situation is easily resolved by the following procedure:

  1. Open the Elk-RP programming software and connect to your M1.
  2. On the menu along the left side of the screen select “Globals”.
  3. On the globals screen select the “G29-G42 (Special)” tab.
  4. About half way down, locate the group of six check boxes. They are labeled, “Serial Port 0 Transmit Options″.
  5. Make sure all 6 check boxes are selected.
  6. Be sure to send any changes you make to the M1.
  7. Disconnected Elk-RP from the M1 panel to re-enable eKeypad .

This change does not require any changes in eKeypad itself. The change will take effect immediately.

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