External IP Address Options

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When setting up eKeypad for remote access one of the key aspects that must be addressed is the external IP address of the router. This address is dynamic and it WILL change over time. There are several alternatives.

The list below is ordered based on reliability.

The option preferred by most users is the Paid Dynamic DNS Service.

Purchase a Static IP Address ($$)

The process for setting up this option is driven by the internet provider. The equipment , cost and availability can vary widely.

While this is ultimately the most reliable of the options the uncertainty surrounding the process and variable levels of setup effort make it a hard option to reliably quote for customers. In many cases the price alone makes this option unviable.

Paid Dynamic DNS Service ($)

Generally, this is considered the best option by users. The effort required to setup and the recurring cost are both consistent and low.

Reputable providers, like www.dyndns.org have proven to be reliable over time.

Free Dynamic DNS Service (Free)

There are a number of entities that offer a free Dynamic DNS service. While a tempting option, experiences will vary. There is a history of unreliable service and companies disappearing in this category. It is highly advised to fully vet companies before using them to avoid future issues.

Use DHCP Assigned Address (Free)

This option is only viable for short term use. It is not recommended and is guaranteed to break in the future. Use this at your own risk.

Please contact us if we can help you with additional detail or questions.

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